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DIY Mini Present Garland


I was going through some craft ideas, and saw this amazing Mini Present Garland which not looked beautiful but is easy to make. I am sharing the link where I saw it and also steps to make.

You would need: Colorful crepe paper, thin board (eg that of any pack like tea, corn flakes), scissors, glue and thread (preferrably contrasting with crepe colors)

1. Take the thin board and make them into small boxes like that of match box.

Box for Wrapping

Making box for Wrapping

2. After making boxes, wrap the boxes in different colored crepe paper and tie the thread across the box to make it look like a gift.

Wrapping Box

Wrapping Box

3. Run across a silver or golden thread across various boxes and make them like a garland.

Present Garland

Present Garland for Christmas

4. Roll around your garland in your Christas Tree and it will look very beautiful and colorful.

Present Garland Christmas Tree

Present Garland Christmas Tree


Christmas Snowflake DIY


As Christmas is approaching, I thought of doing some craft for Christmas Decoration. I have made Christmas Snowflake from normal paper. You can use any colored paper or heavy paper for that matter as per the look you want for the snowflake.

Christmas Snowflake

Christmas Snowflake

For each snowflake you would need 6 Square papers, Gluestick, Stapler, Ruler and Pencil (for marking purpose).

1. With each sheet of paper, fold the paper diagonally and once again fold it diagonally, thereby making it triangle.

2. Mark three points at equal distance and cut it till the end leaving about a half inch from the edge.


3. After opening it, you will have a diamond with four triangles on each side. Put glue on every other point. You will be rolling two up, and then the alternate two down.

Snowflake Turns

Snowflake Turns

4. Turn it over, and do two the opposite direction.

Christmas Snowflake

Christmas Snowflake

5. Staple three together where they touch together. Make sure that all three are kept in same way where the bigger leaf is on either side for all three of them.

6. Then staple two of these together. Staple each flake with each other where they touch so that they don’t fall when you hang them.

7. Hang them from ceiling with the help of thread where ever you wish to!!!

Bottle Craft


It’s been quite long since I have done something artistic. I decided to pick up something new and what can be better then using stuff which is in your own office as garbage.

Bottles are most commonly found in houses specially glass bottles of breezer, beer and wine etc. Usually we throw these bottles away. So, I decided to keep them and do some bottle craft.

There are many ideas that are going through my mind

1. Glass paint the bottle. This is the most common way of reusing glass bottle and then you can keep set of bottles at some corner of your house. You can also group 6 bottles together, tie them and use them as flower vase.

2. Cover up the bottle with different colored papers and make some design out of them. This looks pretty for few months but then as paper starts fading out, the show of the bottle also goes away.

3. Beading uo the bottle. Pick up randon beads from market and stick them to your bottle. This not only looks beautiful but also give an artistic edge to the looks.

I am thinking of doing the beading up of the bottle but I will try paints too but acrylic paints and not glass paint as acrylic paints will give rustic look then transparent which comes from glass paint.

Watch out this for more.. Any suggestions are most welcome!!!