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Father’s Day DIY Card


It’s been long since I have posted or blogged about cards and crafts, so I thought Father’s Day is good occasion to start with.

I have made this father’s day card that looks like shirt and tie that dad usually wear and inside this is another day with the message. This card is little simple to make and all you need is just the dimensions to be sure about.
Father's Day Card
First I have made the shirt and then pasted tie over the shirt and glued those collars. After that I have pasted message card inside of the shirt. And it is ready!!

Inside Card

Inside Card

Wish your dad in your special way!! Happy Father’s Day!!!



Hi Friends,

Welcome to my blog of arts and crafts.. Although I am finance professional, I have keen interest in arts and crafts.. Thanks to my mom 🙂 🙂

The purpose of blogging is to teach each one of you how to make different cards, bookmarks and any other craft stuff.. I will also try to provide craft supplies if one is interested..

Suggestions are most welcome..